Grocery Store Lighting That Creates a Visual Impact for Food Departments

All organizations are feeling the crunch of the energy crisis and looking for ways to maintain their services while bolstering their bottom line. PROMOLUX lamps are an excellent example of a technology that saves a myriad of companies valuable resources. These safe spectrum lamps are currently used by organizations ranging from supermarkets and food equipment distributors to lighting distributors and equipment manufacturers (OEM).

Supermarket Lighting - The Cost Effective Way to Stand Out

In grocery markets, PROMOLUX lamps are utilized by department managers to protect the freshness and appearance of perishable items as well as to ensure that merchandise is presented in its most appealing light. A significant body of research demonstrates that the use of balanced spectrum, low radiation lighting positively affects the shelf life, food safety, and merchandising of display case items.

PROMOLUX lamps can be installed in display cases cases featuring fresh meats, deli items, bakery goods, dairy products, food services, produce, seafood, floral works, beverages, packaged food, and all other forms of visual merchandising.

The benefits of using PROMOLUX lamps include outstanding visual presentation, extended merchandise shelf-life, and significant savings in direct and indirect operational costs. Balanced spectrum lighting offers superior color definition and low glare.

The full, natural range of a product's color is highlighted without any artificial distortions or enhancements. This prompts impulse shopping and increases purchasing based on the eye appeal of merchandise.

Furthermore, premium color quality lighting is an effective tool for distinguishing an establishment from a field of worthy competitors.

Lower Product Discard Rates and Start Saving More Money!

The damaging effects of traditional lighting on fresh merchandise are well documented. Stores lose valuable resources through product discard and re-wrap costs. These losses are not only direct (discarded merchandise), there are a multitude of indirect losses that result from sub-standard lighting practices. When a product suffers from premature shrinkage, discoloration, or decay it can no longer be sold at its top price, if at all.

Furthermore, re-wrapping a previously high-end item is labor-intensive and a drain on company resources. PROMOLUX lamps ensure that items can be sold for longer at their highest price, bolstering the bottom line of any supermarket.

Superior merchandise and merchandise displays increase customer satisfaction and determine long-term client loyalty. It is easy to see how PROMOLUX lamps help grocery retailers reduce costs and increase revenues which easily pays for the extra cost of these higher quality lamps in no time flat.

New Technology for Grocery Showcase Lighting

Since 1985 in the lighting industry Promolux Lighting International is expertly prepared to take your existing display case lighting and update it with the latest lighting technology to make it more energy efficient, giving significant cost savings, less waste for perishables and true color rendering of products.

More often than not, the aesthetic quality of facility's environment is enhanced and productivity can be increased without sacrificing any lighting system performance. Newer lighting technology also leads to decreased demands on HVAC systems. A lighting retrofit has the best Return on Investment (ROI) of any energy-efficient technology